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A RZR ride to the abandoned Vampire Mine site.

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  • DOWNLOAD or READ Vampire Mine (2013) in PDF, EPUB formats. Review 1: Leigh ruined this book hands down. Not looking forward to reading that when it comes, whic.
  • Vampire Mine - Ebook written by Kerrelyn Sparks. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Vampire Mine.
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What is Vampire?
Vampire mine pdf free. download fullAncient powers of true light and darkness have awoken. Through the use of altars these powers tap into our dimension, in recent times the darkness has gained a stronger connection. It spreads as an Freeinfectious disease that only the altars of light and holy water can cure. Those who embrace the dark disease are granted the powerful curse of Vampirism.
Anyone can become a vampire, but do you want to? During daytime vampires cower from sunlight. During the night the humans reach for their holy water and wooden stakes as the vampires roam the lands with inhuman strength, speed and levitation-powers. Driven by their endless bloodlust, they devour all living in their way.

Vampire Mine Pdf Free Download Torrent

  • are destroyed by sunlight.
  • are extremely vulnerable to wood and holy water.
  • spreads the dark disease through combat and their own blood.
  • kill and drink blood instead of eating food.
  • regenerate health quickly at the expense of food-level.
  • won’t be attacked by monsters unless the vampire attacks first.
  • take no fall- or suffocation-damage.
  • have stationary food level unless in bloodlust mode.
  • move faster, jump higher and damage more with bloodlust.
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Vampire Mine Pdf free. download full

Vampire Mine PDF Free Download

Vampire Mine Pdf Free Download Pdf

Page 8
She, on the other hand, was trapped in a human body and cut off from the Heavenly Host.
He morphed into a male human form. Long dark hair, emerald-green eyes, luminous pale skin. This was most probably his preferred look, and she hated to admit he was striking. Dramatic and elegant, too, in his black leather pants and long black coat.
You dont want to get into a battle with me, angel, he said quietly. You know youll lose. She swallowed hard.
Luckily for you, Im not allowed to force you to accompany me, he continued. Free will, you know. Sometimes the black beast strategy works, and the poor sap says hes willing out of fear. You didnt fall for it, though, so Ill have to wait until you want to come with me.
That will never happen.
He smiled slowly. I was hoping you would be a challenge. Makes the final surrender so much more sweet. He lifted a hand, palm up, and a red glowing light appeared, then condensed into a solid red object. He tossed it toward her.
The object rolled toward her feet. A shiny red apple.
Let me know when youre ready to take a bite. With a whoosh, black wings sprang from his back, and he was gone.
Marielle drew in a deep breath. Thank God. She was safe for now. And Connor? She ran toward him.
He was still flat on his back. The poor man must have hit the ground hard.
With a gasp, she stumbled to a stop. Good heavens. The blast of air had blown his kilt up to his chest.
Oh, she breathed. Shed never seen an angel look like that. Come to think of it, shed never seen a human look like that. As a Deliverer, shed seen her share of naked human bodies, but they tended to be old, or ill, or injured. And they were usually gray, shriveled, and dead.
She stepped closer. Definitely not gray. Rather pink and healthy. And most definitely not shriveled. Even his hair was interesting. Red and curly, it looked very soft and . . . touchable.
She tilted her head, marveling at the size and structure. It was all so . . . out in the open. Blatant. Masculine.
The invasive purpose of the design was so obvious, she reacted instinctively and pressed her thighs together. That was . . . curious. Oddly pleasurable. A shiver ran down her arms, but she didnt think it was caused by the cold. She felt strangely . . . warm.
Connor groaned, and she jerked to her senses. Good heavens, hed been lying there, possibly hurt, and she hadnt even checked him for injuries.
His eyes opened, and he blinked at her.
She crouched beside him. Are you all right?
Is the demon gone? He struggled to sit up.
Yes, were safe now.
Och, good. He fell back and with a moan, rubbed his head.
Are you injured?
Head hurts, he mumbled. Keep getting knocked His eyes widened. That was you who blasted me into a damned tree earlier? When Zack was attacking you?
I tried to defend myself. You were caught in the wind?
Aye. He propped himself up on an elbow. How long was I out?
A . . . few minutes.
He glanced at himself, then jolted into a sitting position and jerked his kilt down to his knees. Damn. He shot a fierce look at her.
She jumped to her feet. II beg your pardon. Her cheeks grew warm. Pray, do not be troubled. It is truly a . . . small matter.
Yes. Of little consequence.
Little? He arched a brow. Do ye need another look?
For goodness sake, I was not referring to your size. The Lord knows youre definitely Her cheeks blazed hotter, and it didnt help that he appeared to be enjoying her discomfort. She turned away stiffly. In truth, I hardly noticed.
The minute the words escaped, she froze in shock. What was she doing? Never before in her entire existence had she uttered a falsehood.
Her gaze fell on the apple Darafer had tossed onto the grass. A reminder that the longer she stayed on Earth, the more human she would become. The more susceptible she would be to sin. As in hiding the truth. Telling lies.
Or feeling lust.
Good Lord! Shed never get back to heaven if she fell into sin.
Marielle? Connor asked softly, and his voice sent a shiver down her spine.
She dashed to the cabin and let herself inside. She paced around the large room, weaving a trail around the couch and through what appeared to be a kitchen and dining area. Around and around she went, and her heart kept pounding, thundering in her ears. This wasnt helping. She felt caged in. Shed always had wings before. Shed always had the ability to fly anywhere she wanted.
She had to get back to where she belonged. There had to be a way.
She stopped and brought her clenched hands up to her face. Dont panic. Think. Unfortunately, her thoughts seemed to bounce around, echoing in the empty cavern of her mind where she was used to hearing thousands of voices. Voices that sang praises and offered a constant stream of encouragement and comfort. They were all gone. She was so alone.
Dont panic. Darafer was counting on her panic and fear so he could lure her in. No doubt, he figured she would miss the company of angels so badly, shed be willing to join the fallen ones just to regain some sense of belonging. But the lure was false. There would be no comfort in hell.
There had to be a purpose to what she was enduring. The Heavenly Father was always big on learning through experience. He was forgiving, too. She just needed to find the right path, the right penance that would convince Him shed learned her lesson.
Maybe there was something she was supposed to do here on Earth. Some noble mission. And once shed proven herself worthy, shed be allowed back into heaven.
She resumed her pacing. That had to be it. She was simply being tested. The Father would never completely abandon her. She was not a fallen angel. No matter what Darafer said.
Like all of Lucifers servants, Dare was a deceiver. He would try anything, say anything to confound her. And without her connection to the Heavenly Host, she had succumbed too easily to fear. She couldnt let that happen again. She would have to be strong. Fearless. Gird herself with righteous armor.
She jumped when the door clicked shut. Oh great, that was real fearless of her. She gave Connor a wary look.
He stood by the door, watching her with an intensity that sent a shiver down her back. His hand gripped his dagger once again. He must have found the weapon somewhere on the grass. He leaned over to slip it into the sheath beneath his knee sock.
The cabin felt much smaller with him there.
She took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. Im sorry you had to experience a demon. Hell come again, so its not safe for you to be with me. I appreciate your noble intentions, but it would be in your best interest to leave.
Ye think I turn tail and run that easily? His blue eyes glittered. Ye consider me a coward?
No! I think youre very brave. Amazingly brave, really, since its highly unlikely that a human could ever defeat a demon in battle. Not without help from the Heavenly Host, and Im afraid theyre not going to respond if I call them. So I wont blame you if you want to go . . .
He watched her closely. Im no going.
Her breath whooshed out. She hadnt realized she was holding it. She definitely hadnt realized how much she wanted him to stay. Thank you.
He nodded, then wandered toward the kitchen. Before we go any further, I need to tell you about myself. The demon referred to me as a parasite, and
Please dont let his insults upset you. She strode toward Connor. Demons are notorious deceivers. Darafer probably wants to drive a wedge between us, make me doubt you so Ill reject you and lose your protection. He knows well be easier to defeat if he can separate us.
Ye just tried to separate us.
Yes. She stopped in front of him. Because Im worried about your safety. I really should insist you leave. She hung her head. Im being selfish to keep you.
Nay, lass. I stay because I want to.
nbsp; She lifted her gaze to meet his. You were willing to fight a demon to keep me safe. You stood by my side and believed in me. Youre a good, brave, noble man, Connor Buchanan. You rescued me tonight, and I will always be grateful for your courage and strength of character.
He stood still, watching her with a stunned look.
She smiled. Not only was he honorable, but modest, too. She reached up, placed her hands on his temples, and tugged his head down. God bless you. She kissed his brow, then released him.
She turned away to resume her pacing, but he grabbed her wrist and halted her. She gasped when he shoved her against a wall, her wrist still gripped in his fist and now pinned against the wall close to her ear.
Her heart lurched. Whatwhat are you doing?
He planted his other hand on the wall and leaned toward her. His eyes blazed a brilliant blue. When ye kiss a man, ye should do it properly.
Her pulse raced. I did give you a proper kiss.
For a child. He leaned forward till his mouth was close to her ear. His breath feathered against her skin, causing tiny tingles. Im a man. I believe ye noticed that.
Hardly noticed it. She shivered when his nose nuzzled her ear. And I apologized. I didnt mean to offend you.
Do I seem offended to you?
II Good heavens, was that his tongue? You were offended earlier when I was uncovered. So it seems . . . logical to assume . . . She couldnt remember what she was trying to say when his tongue was tickling her ear.
I was never offended, he whispered. Ive been dying to touch you again.
Her mind swirled, leaving her dizzy. She trembled as his lips moved down her neck.
Yer pulse is jumping, he murmured.
I know. She struggled to breathe. I think this heart must be defective. Its not working right.
He chuckled. Yere working perfectly. Yere so beautiful. So sweet. He kissed a trail to her jaw.
Her heart pounded. Was he headed to her mouth? She should stop him. Angels didnt behave like this. They simply didnt have the desire.
But she did. It had to be this human body. It was so finely tuned to enjoying the nuance of his every touch. The pressure of his lips, the moistness of his tongue. The nibbling. The tickling. The rough scrape of his whiskers made her knees grow weak. And his sweet words made her heart swell with longing.
Connor, she whispered, her eyes flickering shut.
She felt his breath against her lips. So close. Her heart raced with anticipation.
Good heavens, this had to be lust. No wonder it was a sin. It was so powerful. She opened her mouth to say no, but his lips touched hers. Softly, then he pulled away.
She froze. That was it? Surely there was nothing sinful in that. It had seemed rather . . . sweet.
His mouth met hers again, lingering this time, pressing gently. Yes, definitely sweet. He seemed to be tasting her, sipping from her. He drew her bottom lip into his mouth and suckled gently.
She moaned.
He pulled her into his arms and scattered kisses over her cheeks, her nose, her neck. With her eyes still closed, she wrapped her arms around his neck. It felt so good to be wanted. And by Connor. Such a good, brave, noble man.
He returned to her mouth for another kiss. She tried to return it, mimicking his gentle sucking and nipping motions. A groan rumbled deep in his throat, and the sound reverberated through her, settling between her thighs with a curious sensation.
That was . . . odd. Uncomfortable, somehow, as if she were aching for something. Desperate for something.
Her fingers dug into his shoulders, and she moaned against his mouth.
With a growl, Connor deepened the kiss, molding his mouth more fiercely against her. Warning bells sounded in her head. The sweetness was gone, replaced by something wild and . . . hungry.
Lust. Good heavens, shed been seduced by sweetness, only to fall headlong into passion. And the most shocking part was she wasnt sure she wanted to stop.
He planted his hands on her bottom and pulled her tight against him. She gasped. Good heavens, he was bigger than before.
Connor She jolted when she saw his eyes. Bright red and glowing.
She jumped back, banging against the wall.
Careful. He took her by the shoulders, but she scrambled away.
She recalled now that his eyes had turned red earlier. Shed dismissed it at the time, for shed known all along he wasnt a demon. She would have sensed that immediately. Earlier on the couch, shed had a glimpse into his soul, and it was human.
It didnt make sense. Shed been so sure he was human. I dont understand. He held up a hand as if to reassure her. Tis all right. Ye know I would never harm you.
Her mind raced, zipping through all the possibilities. Was he from another planet? No, he was a Scotsman. A shifter? She didnt think so. What had Darafer called hima parasite?
With a gasp, it all became clear. And terrifying. For he was the same kind of creature that had killed all those people at the campground. Youre a Cheater!
He blinked. A what?
A Cheater. Her heart sank. Thats what Zack calls them because theyve cheated death. He hates You. She couldnt bring herself to say it.
Her eyes welled with tears. Youre a vampire.
Chapter Seven
She was disappointed. Appalled. Connor gritted his teeth as he watched a tear slip down her lovely cheek. He was tempted to brush it away, but figured shed jump back to avoid his touch.
One thing hed learned in nearly five centuries of existence: everything could change in the blink of an eye. It had taken only a few minutes for him to doom his soul back in 1543. Only a second for Shanna to fall into a death spiral after touching Marielle. Only another second for him to abandon all common sense and surrender to the yearning that had been growing inside him from the instant hed first heard Marielles voice. And less than a minute ago, shed trembled in his arms and moaned with pleasure. Hed thought a miracle had happened. A beautiful angel cared for him, admired him, even desired him.
But seconds later, she backed away in horror.
When would he ever learn? Joy and peace were not meant for him. Love would always be beyond his reach. Whenever he indulged in a glimmer of hope, it was always dashed to pieces. And rightly so.
What a fool hed been to want Marielle. His black tainted soul wasnt worthy of the lowliest of human beings, and yet, hed dared to touch an angel?
Her reaction was exactly what he deserved.
Ye know about vampires, he said quietly.
Yes. She wiped her cheeks. Im a Delivererwas a Delivererso I have escorted many souls who were murdered by your kind.