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Go back upstairs and talk to the golem. With an empty vial in your inventory, grind the black mushroom using a Pestle and mortar. (don't eat it!). Use the phoenix feather on the black mushroom ink to make a phoenix quill pen. Use the phoenix quill pen on a piece of papyrus to get the golem program. “The legend of the Golem, a creature made from clay by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to defend the Jews in the ghetto against pograms, was filmed several times. Paul Wegener codirected and acted in a 1914 version as well as another in 1917. This is his most ambitious version, made with all the resources of the Ufa studio.

  1. Talk to the Broken Clay Golem at the Ruins of Uzer, and he will tell you he needs repairs. Use 4 pieces of Soft clay on the golem to repair him and talk to him again. The golem will thank you and tell you that he must now finish his mission by killing a great demon. He will asks you to help him open the portal to this demon. Talk to him once more time to learn that to open the portal the statuettes downstairs must be arranged in the correct order.
  2. Descend into the ruins. Pick up a Black mushroom in the souteastern corner of the ruins and grab the Strange implement laying in the northwestern corner. Use the mushroom with the Pestle and mortar whilst having an empty Vial in your inventory to produce a vial of Black mushroom ink.
  3. Head back up and to the west of the entrance, you will find a Letter. Pick it up and read it to learn that it was written by Elissa, one of the archeologists from the Digsite.
  4. Talk to Elissa at the northeastern end of the Digsite about the letter you found. She will tell you to look for the expedition notes in the Exam Centre library.
  5. Head south to the Exam Centre and search the bookcases in the southeaster corner to find Varmen's notes. Read it to learn more about the Clay Golems and the Ruins of Uzer.
  6. Go to the Varrock Museum and talk to the Curator Haig Halen about the Statuette. Tell him that you need it to defeat a demon, but the curator will forbid it.
  7. Pickpocket the Curator's pockets for a Display cabinet key. Head upstairs and use the key to open the display case containing the Statuette.
    Note: If you lose the Statuette, talk to and pickpocket the Curator Haig Halen again. He will say that the statuette that had been stolen has been returned. Head upstairs and open the dispay cabinet to retrieve the Statuette.
  8. Before you return to the Ruins of Uzer, head back to Shantay Pass and run directly east past through the gate into the desert. Start walking to the bridge near the Dominion Tower. Before you cross the bridge, take the path north along the river and grab a Phoenix feather off of the Desert phoenix.
  9. Descend into the ruins again and place the Statuette in the empty alcove. Turn all the statuettes so that they are facing the door to the north. When you have successfully arranged the statuettes in the correct order, the double doors will grind open.
  10. Go through the double doors and examine the skeleton to the east to find that the demon is dead.
    Note: Use your Hammer and Chisel on the demon throne to the north to receive 2 Sapphires, 2 Emeralds, and 2 Rubies.
  11. Return to the Broken Clay Golem and tell him that the demon is dead. Because he is programmed to destroy the demon, he will not accept that the task is done.
  12. Dip the Phoenix feather in the Black mushroom ink to make a Phoenix quill pen. Use the Phoenix quill pen with the piece of Papyrus to write a new Golem program. Now, use the Strange implement with the Golem to open up his skull and quickly insert the Golem program by using it with him. The Golem will accept the new program and give you your reward.
    Congratulations! Quest complete!
The Golem
Directed byPaul Wegener
Henrik Galeen
Written byPaul Wegener
Henrik Galeen
Produced byHanns Lippmann
StarringPaul Wegener
Rudolf Blümner
Carl Ebert
Henrik Galeen
Lyda Salmonova
CinematographyGuido Seeber[1]
Deutsche Bioscop[1]
  • 15 January 1915
60 minutes
CountryGerman Empire
German intertitles

Der Golem (German: Der Golem, shown in the US as The Monster of Fate Bigfoot's spring break pdf free download. ) is a 1915 Germansilenthorrorpartially lost film, written and directed by Paul Wegener and Henrik Galeen. It was inspired by a Jewish folktale, the most prevalent version of the story involving 16th century Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel who created the Golem to protect his people from antisemites.[1] Wegener claimed the film was based on Gustav Meyrink's 1915 novel The Golem, but, as the movie has little to do with existing Jewish traditions, Troy Howarth states 'it is more likely that (the screenwriters) simply drew upon European folklore'.[1]

The film was the first of a trilogy produced by Wegener, followed by The Golem and the Dancing Girl (1917) and The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920).


The Golem's Eye PDF Free Download


In modern times, an antiques dealer (Henrik Galeen) searching the ruins of a Jewish temple, finds a golem (Paul Wegener), a clay statue that had been brought to life four centuries earlier by a Kabbalistrabbi using a magical amulet to protect the Jewish people from persecution. The dealer resurrects the golem as a servant, but the golem falls in love with Jessica (Lyda Salmonova), the dealer's daughter. When she does not return his love, the golem goes on a rampage and commits a series of murders.


  • Paul Wegener as Golem
  • Rudolf Blümner as Gelehrter
  • Carl Ebert as Troedler
  • Henrik Galeen as Troedler, the antiques dealer
  • Lyda Salmonova as Jessica


Co-writer/co-director Henrik Galeen played a major role in the film (which was unusual for him) and years later went on to co-create other silent horror classics, such as F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu (1922) and Paul Leni's Waxworks (1924)[1]

Actress Lyda Salmanova went on to marry Paul Wegener.[1]

The few surviving clips from this film show Wegener in a costume almost identical to the one he used in his later 1920 version, and 'show him stumbling around in a manner he would repeat in the later film', according to Troy Howarth.[1]


Preservation status[edit]

Paul Wegener (Golem) and Lyda Salmonova (Jessica), in the 1915 German, partially lost film, horror film

The Deutsche Kinemathek film archive possesses '108 meter fragments'.[2] While many sources consider it a lost film, states that a 'print exists',[3] and Professor Elizabeth Baer notes in her book The Golem Redux: From Prague to Post-Holocaust Fiction that Donald Glut claimed in The Frankenstein Legend that 'European film collector' Paul Sauerlaender tracked down 'a complete print' in 1958; Baer is careful, however, to point out that 'Glut provides no source for this information.'[4]

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