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The Legend Of Podkin One Ear

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The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

by Kieran Larwood

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Isla from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

Podkin One Ear is a GREAT book for children my age and above, the story is an adventure - fantasy with lots of interesting characters, my favourite being 'Crom'. Crom is an amazing fighter and can defend himself well, even though he is blind! 'Mish' and 'Mash' are a great duo, they are twins who are dwarf rabbits and great gymnasts because this used to be their hobby, travelling around entertaining people with their amazing skills till they got captured.... The ending which I wont reveal has a very good twist that you don't see coming and I was expecting a total different outcome. I decided to give this book a 10 out of 10 as I love twist at the end and the storyline is amazing. The picture, writing ratio is good, with the pictures showing good graphics. I never wanted to put this book down, I wanted to keep reading. There is the sequel out now to Podkin One Ear and I cant wait to see where the adventure takes me!

Marks out of 10: 10

Poppy from Year 5:

Podkin one ear was a fantastic adventure to go on and read, which I will never forget how great it was, neither will you. This story was brought along by a traveller who told young rabbits the legend of Podkin one ear.The three musketeers [Podkin, Pook and Paz] try to defeat the terrible, selfish Gorm, who is an evil, iron character. They try to defeat the Gorm because their father got killed which isn’t fair for them. On the way they meet other GREAT characters who come to help. The ending was strange because you don’t know what is coming and has a slight wobble and made me feel emotional. Even though this book was good, the starting didn’t give me a great impression until I got in to the story. This book is great for ages over 9 or 10s because some of the language is difficult even for me. This book is definitely a 10/10 because it was very imaginative and has given me great ideas for being a writer.

Marks out of 10: 10

Aidan from Year 4, Rosedale Primary School:

Podkin One-Ear PDF Free Download

This book is fantastic because there lots of adventures I like the charters because they are adventures and I really like ponkin I'm underside if i would like to recorded this book good book so far

Marks out of 10: 6

Cara from Year 4:

Podkin is a young, lazy rabbit who should have been preparing to take over as chieftain from his dad. But does he care? No. He avoids his lessons and responsibilities, preferring to nap all the time. When the monstrous Gorm tear his burrow apart, his life suddenly changes. Podkin, his older sister Paz and Pook, his younger brother have to flee their home. Can he become the warrior his family needs him to be? Is there anywhere safe from the terrible Gorm? When I first saw this book, I thought it was aimed at younger children because the main character is a rabbit. However it is not, it is set in a future where humans no longer exist and rabbits have evolved to be human-like. It is a story within a story as Podkin's tale is told by a storyteller and some chapters are about him. Despite this, it is fast paced and I couldn't put it down as I was desperate to see what happened next. The author used such great description that I easily imagined Podkin and the storyteller's world. The characters were believable and it was interesting to see them develop as their adventure progressed. For example, Podkin's challenge to become less self-centred and be a better rabbit. I liked all the characters, but my favourite character was Paz. She thought that everything shouldn't be just about men and she felt she had a lot more to offer than do chores and get married. I would recommend this book to everyone, it is awesome!

Marks out of 10: 10

Hannah from Year 7, - Home Educated -:

Podkin one ear is defiantly i good book about the adventures of a rabbit (podkin) and is brother and sister I wouldn't say its one of my favourite books but its good. my age rating would be 7 to 10 and this book has a nice twist at the end.

Marks out of 10: 7

kenan from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

I really enjoyed this book my favourite part is when podkin want to fight the Gorms but all he has is a sword that cuts through anything except steal I thing this book is very funny but sad because podkin loses his parents all he has is his older sister and his little brother Paz

Marks out of 10: 10

Millie from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

I liked this book because it is very action packed and full of adventure, but some readers may find it boring as it is quite long and can be hard to understand, but I loved Podkin One-Ear!

Marks out of 10: 6

ellie from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

This book is about a rabbit that only has one ear and is called podkin. On Christmas eve a bard comes and tells the rabbit king a story. This book would be suitable for ages eight and up if interested. I would recommend this book because its an interesting book I really recommend.

Marks out of 10: 10

veycan from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

Podkin One-Ear PDF Free Download

This book is about a strange rabbit and he only has one - ear and his name is Podking one ear and on Christmas eve another rabbit reads him cheerful stories. I think this book would be suitable for ages eight and above. I would recommend this book because it is a very entertaining book and I enjoyed it.

Marks out of 10: 8

pippa from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

its about a little rabbit who only has one ear and his name is podkin and on Christmas eve a rabbit comes and tells him a cheerful Christmas story. I think it would be suitable for ages 8-10. I would recommend this book because it is a good book and fun to enjoy.

Marks out of 10: 10

Podkin One-Ear PDF Free Download

Tiffany from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

This book is by Kieran Larwood and I absolutely love it! It is about a rabbit chieftain`s son, named Podkin, and he has to leave his home, because the most terrifying rabbit that rabbit kind has ever known, is attacking Podkin's home. Unfortunately, he has to leave his home he he was growing up in, that is until then. Podkin leaves with his little brother, Pook, and his older sister Paz. Podkin has to defeat the Gorm, before it is too late and all the rabbits get wiped out, including all his friends and family! Pod had lots of obstacles in his way, like when he, Paz and Pook got captured by two evil rabbits, called Shape and Quince, who force Pod and two other rabbits, called Mish and Mash, to go out stealing everyday from the people in the market place. Podkin hires someone called Crom to defeat Shape and Quince. Crom's defeat is successful, and he then gives the new and sensible Podkin some fighting and weapon lessons, which he wouldn't have done back at his home, Munburry warren. At the end of the story, Podkin is a hero because he defeats the Gorm and rescues his Auntie and mother! He then realises that family is the most important thing in the world. The book is called `Podkin One-Ear` because he chopped his ear off to escape the Gorm, because his ear got trapped under a gate. Do you find this upsetting? I would recommend this book to 9-12 year olds because some people may find this book too upsetting. I think this book is really worth reading because this is a really well thought out book, and has a magnificent story.

Marks out of 10: 10

Alexis from Year 6, Montagu Academy:

The book is about Three Rabbits that travel through a wood/forest and one of the rabbits ear gets sliced off and that is why it is called The Legend of Podkin one-ear. Poltergeist pdf free download. I love this book and I think you will too if you read it. I think children 10+ if they are intarested . I really recommend it to people that like animal stories.

Marks out of 10: 9

Eleanor from Year 9, Ridgewood School:

In tunnels far down beneath our villages lived the brave - Podkin One Ear. The rabbit with a small build but a big heart. Suddenly when the beasts that ruin their lifestyle, happiness and never-ending work yet again disrupt their homes ( the GORMS), Podkin and his sister Paz must flock with the family to safety and build a team to get their memories, relationships and their beloved home back from the monsters that snatched it all away. What tedious tasks will take place? What escape plans will they discover? Will they ever return home? Pop your head in to 'Podkin One Ear' to find out! I enjoyed this book because of its classic sort of feel it created throughout the pages. To explain my point, the way the structure of the good, the bad, the story turner and the funny character/s that you would find in classic fairy tails took place, it instantly made me want to sit back in my chair and drift in to imagination land ; this concept totally took me, therefore, this story is perfect for relaxation especially as a bedtime story for younger children. As well as that the structure - linking back to my other point - was perfect therefore it was easy to find a point to stop, take a break and then slowly but easily join back in with the adventure Podkin was taking me on ; this means that bedtime stories will not be too long and you can easily stop and find your point the next night. However, the only point I could create to criticize the book was I was hoping for more ambitious vocabulary and different sentence structures to challenge older readers and mix-up points and facts for better understanding. Overall, I loved this book just because it was unique and surprised me in a positive way as I did not think I would read such a heartwarming book with what it looked like on the cover. Rabbits are waiting, memories are waiting to be created, they need your help..bury yourself in 'Podkin One Ear'

Marks out of 10: 6

Neve from Year 8, Rossington All Saints School:

this is a really good book I recommend to a lot of people. I really enjoyed it

Marks out of 10: 9

Chloe from Year 5, Saltersgate Junior School:

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This book is full of sad moments, adventure and action. The moto of the story is to believe in your self and don't be lazy as Podkin finds out in his incredible adventure as he tries to deafet the gorm. The story is being told to little rabbits on bramblemas eve by a bard and at the end of the book a big secret is revealed but I won't tell you. Read the book to find out the big secret! My favourite character is Paz because she is brave, strong and works hard unlike Podkin ,who is lazy. It is a great book and I really enjoyed it that is why I rated it a 9 out of 10. I didn't give it a 10 because it had some long chapters and interludes ,which is a brake in the story, and it really annoyed me. This book is fantastic so I recommend you read it.

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Marks out of 10: 9