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Path of Beasts by Lian Tanner

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Author: Lian Tanner
Number of Pages: 352 pages
Published Date: 08 Oct 2013
Publisher: Yearling Books
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Type: Pdf
ISBN: 9780375859809
File size: 49 Mb
File Name: Path.of.Beasts.pdf
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Do you dare to join Goldie in her hardest task ever as she walks down the mysterious Beast Road, deep inside the Museum of Thieves? No one knows where it goes and no one has ever returned from it. The city of Jewel is in peril once again, as it is held captive by the frightful Fugleman, his band of Blessed Guardians, and an army of merciless mercenaries. There's no doubt that Goldie and Toadspit want to get their city back, but how can a small group of children fight against such overwhelming forces of evil? And how, as Goldie is determined, can they avoid bloodshed in a war that will set thieves against soldiers, and trickery and deception against a mighty cannon that shoots cannonballs bent on destruction? As Toadspit fights the Fugleman in a duel to the death, Goldie must face her hardest task yet. If she is to save the city, she must walk the mysterious Beast Road, deep inside the Museum of Thieves. No one knows where it goes and no one has ever returned from it. Path of Beasts PDF Free download
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This page breaks down our products coming soon for each game line. For a more detailed breakdown of the status of each project, please see the weekly Monday Meeting notes blog. Please note that this is simply products coming soon: the lack of projects listed for a given game line is not an indication that no further products will ever be released for that line.

  • Dead Man’s Rust: A mega-campaign taking characters from 1st to 10th levels, taking place in central Ghelspad. Preorder on BackerKit
  • Yugman’s Appendix: People of Ghelspad
  • Vigil Watch: The Kelder Mountains
  • Spiragos Collected Adventures
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Dead Man’s Rust] VTT Token & Map Pack: Journey to Broadreach Horizon, Dwarven Dilemmas, Elvish Excursions, Hornsaw Hazards, Fortress Forays, Stronghold Sorties
    • [Dead Man’s Rust] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Dead Man’s Rust] Gazetteer: Dier Drendal
    • [Dead Man’s Rust] Gazetteer: Burok Torn
  • Scion Book 3: Demigod: The Overworld’s gone silent, and the Scions are left to their own devices as they battle a renewed titanspawn offensive. But is the war already lost? Without word from the Gods as to what’s occurred, the heroes must master the powers of demigodhood, visit the World’s Terra Incognitae and finally storm the Underworld itself in a desperate attempt to reach the Gods and save all that exists. The second-edition supplement will include rules for domain-level play and ways to interact with the lands of the dead. Preorder on BackerKitPDF/PoD
  • Scion: Masks of the Mythos: Masks of the Mythos will be a Lovecraft-inspired supplement. The new supplement will outline a Mythos-related pantheon, the Lovecraft Country setting, new Scions, antagonists, and a short adventure. It will also show how the Mythos fits into the World of Scion while retaining the game’s mythic, heroic feel. Featuring Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound). PDF/PoD
  • Scion: Dragon: A Hero-level book featuring a third faction in the war between the Gods and Titans: the Dragons. Many cultures around the world feature mythological dragons or serpents, and they are just now beginning to re-awaken to engage with the World. Developer: Danielle Lauzon. PDF/PoD
  • Scion Book 4: God: Now risen to the hallowed ranks of the Gods, the Scions must fight as soldiers in the Overworld War, facing the Titans and their spawn on a battleground beyond imagining. The final battle has yet to be fought, and the future is undecided. Trusting that the inscrutable power of Fate will bear them to victory, the Scions press on, ignoring the lesser threats and taking the battle to the Titans themselves. The second-edition supplement will include rules for playing Incarnations, the many lives Gods live through.
  • Wild Hunt
  • No Gods, No Masters
  • Saints and Monsters
  • Once and Future
  • Realms of Magic and Mystery
  • Storypath Tasty Bit: The Autocracy
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Scion: Origin/Hero] Scion Fiction Anthology: Developer: Neall Raemonn Price. PDF/PoD
    • [Scion: Demigod]Reference Screen
    • [Scion: Demigod]Demigod Companion: New Boons, new Creatures, new Guides, new Followers, solo play, new Relics, cults & covenants, relic crafting, new Terra Incognita, Titans & Titanspawn
    • [Scion: Demigod] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Scion: Demigod] Scion Scenarios: Three sets of plot hooks
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Dragon Companion: Creating your own Flight, new Flight: the Bearers, Greater Wyrms, new Flight: the Returning, spells and transformations
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Dragon Reference Screen
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Dragon Jumpstart
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Dragon Digital Wallpaper
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Dragon VTT Tokens
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Masks of the Mythos Companion: Additional Mythos creatures, Great Old Ones, legacy characters, fiction, Y’ha-nthlei, Elderian home planet, relics, Demigod-tier play
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Masks of the Mythos Reference Screen
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Masks of the Mythos Digital Wallpaper
    • [Dragon/Mythos] Masks of the Mythos VTT Tokens
  • They Came from Beyond the Grave!: Beyond the Grave! draws inspiration from the horror, sex, suspense, and ham of early 1960s through to late 1970s horror movies. This game will be designed to evoke everything dramatic and theatrical of the classics from Hammer, Amicus, and Roger Corman libraries, along with other “dark house” movie gems, where mysteries take place in old manors, old vampires stalk guests, and something evil lurks in the woods. Preorder on BackerKit
  • They Came from Beneath the Sea! Jumpstart
  • TCfBtG!: They Came from Camp Murder Lake!
  • They Came from [Classified]!: 1960s spy shenanigans!
  • They Came from [Classified]! Jumpstart
  • Storypath Tasty Bits: They Came from Plan 9!
  • They Came from the Cyclops’ Cave!: Greek heroes being accosted by Harryhausen monstrosities
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [TCfBtG!] Director’s Screen
    • [TCfBtG!] Monsters from the Crypt!: Additional antagonists
    • [TCfBtG!] Digital Wallpaper
    • [TCfBtG!] Tales of Depravity!: Three supernatural scenarios
    • [TCfBtG!] Heroes in a World of Horror!: Six ready-to-play characters
    • [TCfBtG!] A Grave Jumpstart
  • Trinity Continuum: Assassins: A look into the hidden underworld of secret killers who operate in the shadows in this dark reflection of the TC core setting. Inspired by media like John Wick, Assassin’s Creed, La Femme Nikita, Hitman, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and more.
  • Trinity Continuum: Anima: In 2084, in the wake of the Crash, many people turn to entertainment via their Glass neuro-implant as a way of coping with the horrors of the Aberrant War. But some top-tier players are dying. Anima combines the cyberpunk and LitRPG genres.
  • Trinity Continuum: Aether: A steampunkish look at late Victorian literature, from War of the Worlds to Sherlock Holmes, where enterprising Scientists discover the ability to “spin up” alternate realities. Developer: Matthew Dawkins
  • Stretch Goals:
  • Mission Statements: A guide to many of the companies, allegiances, and organizations within the Æon setting.
  • Prometheus Unbound: A guide to the psi orders.
  • Storypath Tasty Bits: Pets
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Trinity Continuum: Æon] Dawn: Novella. PDF/PoD
    • [Trinity Continuum: Æon] Meridian: Novella. PDF/PoD
  • With Great Power: Super-teams in the world of Aberrant, both additional details for existing teams, and support for the team-up style of play. Team Tomorrow, Team Tonight, and much more. Developer: Christopher Allen
  • Aberrant VTT Assets
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Aberrant Storyguide Reference Screen
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] N!WE: N!ternational Wrestling Entertainment
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Proteus Nova Compendium
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Panopticon Novella
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Novas Worldwide
    • [Trinity Continuum: Aberrant] Terat Novella
  • Trinity Continuum: Adventure!: A new edition of the classic Adventure! pulp game. Set in the 1930s, a time of Hope. A decade after the Hammersmith Incident which caused an explosion of people with strange capabilities, and the resulting formation of the Æon Society.
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!] Storyguide Reference Screen
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!] Jumpstart: Six ready-made characters and an introductory adventure
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!] Adventure! Addendum: Sensational hideouts, strange new life, startling secrets of the Ninth Circle, alternate timelines
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!]Thrilling Tales!: Scenarios from the radio drama — Deadly Eclipse, Terror from the Skies, An Ominous Voice, A Missing Teammate — will be created as adventure scenarios
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Trinity Continuum: Adventure!] VTT Pack
  • World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters: This book covers a variety of investigators of the supernatural in the World of Darkness. Chapters cover types of investigations, ghost hunting gear (infrared cameras, EVP meters, night-vision goggles, thermographic cameras) as well as methods of research and other resources for investigators. New Merits representing ghost hunting equipment and connections would also be included. Preorder on BackerKitDeveloper: Matt McElroy. 160 pages. PDF/PoD
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Ghost Hunters] Ghost Hunters ST Screen
    • [Ghost Hunters] Paranormal Investigator’s Toolkit: More gear, additional merits & flaws, character options, and optional systems.
    • [Ghost Hunters] Hunting Monsters!: Rules, options, and guidance for investigators hunting non-ghost monsters
    • [Ghost Hunters] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Ghost Hunters] Necromancers and Mediums: Mortals that use Hedge Magic to interact with the dead
    • [Ghost Hunters] Ghost Hunters Jumpstart: An introductory scenario and six ready-to-play characters
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [V5 Cults] Forbidden Religions: Pathways to Power: cults dedicated to power through fear, influence, or devotion, including worshipers of the Nictuku, errant houses within the Tremere, and the ancestral obsession of the Ventrue. Dreams of Golconda: A number of cults who believe they alone know the path to Golconda. Eschatological Thought: About those cultists who want to bring an end to everything. Ruinous Beliefs: Infernalist vampires.
  • Apocalyptic Record: One sourcebook containing five over-arcing stories, divided into chapters within each. These five stories tell different tales of the Apocalypse, each defined by a different phase of the moon/werewolf Auspices. Each contains a series of records, transcripts, journals, and relics written or voiced by werewolves, changing breeds, and even Wyrm-servants from Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
  • Shattered Dreams Gift Cards
  • Rich Bastard’s Guide to Magick: A Mage 20th Anniversary Edition sourcebook that expands on the mystique of the elite with an exploration of how the REAL movers and shakers operate when you throw magick into their world as well. Mansions, high-ticket toys, expanded Backgrounds for wealthy wizards, Technocrats, and other high-resource types. 120 pages. PDF/PoD.
  • M20 Victorian Age: This book will cover the Victorian era with as much detail and respect for sources as Victorian Age: Vampire. VA: Mage will cover 1880 to 1897, building on the foundation of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and revealing the foundation of the modern Technocracy. 320 pages. PDF/PoD.
  • Technocracy: Reloaded: a 21st-century Guide to the Technocracy, including Asian and African Technocracy divisions, Threat Null, arrays of new goodies, and potential options for infiltration, reorganizations, and other surprises. Preorder on BackerKitPDF/PoD
  • Lore of the Traditions: A complete guide to the Nine Mystick Traditions, in the style of our previous Lore of the Clans.
  • Stretch Goals
    • [Tech Reloaded] Storyteller Screen
    • [Tech Reloaded] Technocracy Operatives’ Dossier: Players Guide: Constructs and symposiums, Digital Web 3.0, Technomancer’s Toybox 20, Unlikely allies, Mission briefings
    • [Tech Reloaded] Jumpstart
    • [Tech Reloaded] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Tech Reloaded] Fiction Anthology: Four novellas.
    • [Victorian Mage] Jumpstart
    • [Victorian Mage] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Victorian Mage] Bizarre Tales & Unusual Characters
    • [Victorian Mage] VTT Tokens & Assets Pack
    • [Victorian Mage] Weird Wonders & Revolutionary Magick
  • Across the Eight Directions: a setting book that’s a spiritual successor to the first-edition favorite, Scavenger Sons. This will be a hefty volume of setting material that spans the entirety of the Threshold. It’ll encompass over 40 distinct locales and peoples, each surrounded by a constellation of more neighboring locales that provide context and texture, making it clear that these places exist as part of the fabric of a living, breathing world. Development: Eric Minton and Robert Vance. PDF/PoD.
  • Exigents: Out of the Ashes: One of the most important new ideas for Third Edition is the introduction of new Exalts. These Exalts, known as the Exigents, take on themes and powers as diverse as the gods who create them. The corebook will blow the doors off the conception that there are no new Exalted; The Exigents will show the role of the new Exalted throughout history. It will feature a character creation system, a power matrix and a guide for the players to build their own custom Charm sets for whatever Exalted they feel like creating and adding to the setting while Exigents featured in the book will have fully finished Charm sets usable in game. 220 pages. PDF/PoD
  • Crucible of Legends
  • Adversaries of the Righteous: A collection of Exalted antagonists. Final collected PDF/PoD.
  • Hundred Devils Night Parade: An Exalted bestiary. Final collected PDF/PoD.
  • Exalted: Essence: Chosen by the gods, their power tempered only by human hearts, the Exalted are all that stand between Creation and the forces that would ruin the world. Set in a rich and intriguing setting that draws from real-world histories and fantasy archetypes, Exalted has thrilled players across three editions. Now, Exalted: Essence features streamlined rules for a new way of playing a classic game, incorporating story-focused action and a presentation designed to appeal to new players and longtime fans alike. Featuring multiple classic Exalt types with Charms for each, written to enable ease of play, Exalted: Essence emphasizes story over character, character over mechanics, and mechanics over minutiae in order to drive Exalted toward engaging players with the myriad stories they can tell in the world of Creation. What legends will they tell of your deeds?
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Exalted] Exploring the Age of Sorrows: Essays on the World of Exalted: Developers: Matt McElroy. PDF/PoD.
    • [Dragon-Blooded] Heirs to the Shogunate: A companion volume to Dragon-Blooded which includes additional Charms, Lookshy, Forest Witches, Outcastes, Cadet Houses, Prasad, War in the West, Quick Characters, and player handouts. PDF/PoD
    • [Dragon-Blooded] Dragon-Blooded novella 2. ebook/PoD.
    • [Lunars] Many-Faced Strangers: A companion volume to Lunars which includes additional Charms, an animal bestiary, heroes of the Silver Pact, martial arts, fiction, War for the Caul, the Shadow Fang Vanguard, Quick Characters, Magic of the Moon, Mount Namas.
    • [Lunars] DigitalWallpaper
    • [Lunars] Lunar novella
    • [Essence] ST Screen
    • [Essence] Essence Companion: Pillars of Creation: More Universal Charms, Evocations, Hearthstones, warstriders. Sacred Lotus Petals: Martial arts. Enemies of the Chosen: Antagonists and NPCs, with a focus on demons and fair folk. Eight Directions Atlas: More locations. Creation’s Chosen: More Solar, Lunar, Dragon-Blooded, Exigent, and Sidereal Charms. Storytelling the Chosen: ST advice. Beyond Creation’s Chosen: More Infernal, Abyssal, Alchemical, Getimian, and Liminal Charms. Games of Divinity: cosmology and deities. Lintha Expansion.Other Antagonists. Additional Artifacts. Sorcery and Necromancy. Dragon Kings and Ochilike. Apocryphal Chosen: Umbrals and Dream-Souled
    • [Essence] Essence Jumpstart: Includes ready-made characters
    • [Esssence] Essence Adventure: Three adventures
    • [Essence] Essence Wallpaper
    • [Essence] Essence VTT Token Pack
    • [Essence] Essence Novella w/ Lauren Roy
    • [Essence] Essence Novella w/ James Huggins
    • [Essence] Essence Novella w/ Rai W. Cole
    • [Essence] Essence Charm Cards
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Contagion Chronicle] Player’s Guide to the Contagion Chronicle: Rules on supernatural interactions
    • [Contagion Chronicle] Global Outbreaks: A travelogue featuring more locations and manifestations for Contagion outbreaks.
    • [Contagion Chronicle] Digital Wallpaper
    • [Contagion Chronicle] Screen and Booklet
  • Tome of the Pentacle: A clanbook-style investigation into the Orders that explores how they interact on a regional and global level. Included in this Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition book will be the history of each Order in more depth than ever before. 212 pages. PDF/PoD.
  • Kith and Kin: This book greatly expands the number of new Kiths, powers focused on Kiths, and detailed tools for designing your own Kiths.
  • The Hedge:The Hedge is an in-depth exploration of the quixotic zone between the material world and Faerie for Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition. What terrors and crystalline beauty lie within and beyond the Hedge?
  • Hollow Courts: Changeling Novella Collection
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition: A new edition of the HtV core rulebook that fully incorporates the CofD second edition rules changes, and takes advantage of almost a decade of game design thinking since the first edition. This book combines both setting and rules info to create The Slasher Chronicle for Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition while still allowing the sandbox play that CofD is known for. Developer: Monica Valentinelli. 320 pages. PDF/PoD.
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition Jumpstart: The best and easiest way to start playing Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition featuring The Slasher Chronicle, with an adventure that starts players in the midst of their hunt, and never lets up. Pregenerated characters, advice for starting your Chronicle, and a quick and easy introduction to the Vigil. 48 pages. PDF/PoD.
  • Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition: expands the popular concepts of tragic Memory, devastating Utterances, pernicious cults, and fractured guilds. It introduces new aspects to the game, including horrifying rituals, expanding your troupe play to include sorcerers and non-Arisen immortals and finally allowing players to experience and interact with the nightmarish journey through Duat. This edition extends Mummy’s reach around the globe, providing justification and story hooks for starting your chronicles as far from the Nameless Empire as a meret of mummies could wish to go. Mummy tightens its grasp on godlike terror, as the presence of the deific Judges becomes more pervasive and insidious than before. This new chronicle of immortals not only raises the question, “What does it mean to be Deathless?” but also “What does it mean to be Timeless? PDF/PoD, Kickstarted
  • Stretch goals:
    • [Mummy 2e] Mummy Storyteller Screen
    • [Mummy 2e] The Book of Lasting Death: The Mummy 2e Players Guide
  • Deviant: The Renegades: You woke up… different. Someone changed you; on a slab, an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you escaped. Hunted by the ones who made you, they hold all the cards. Except for one thing, what they don’t know is that a fire burns within you because what they did wasn’t right. What they don’t know is that you’re hunting them. Deviant: The Renegades presents a game where the victims of experiments band together to bring down the monolithic organizations that twisted and warped them. 320 pages. PDF/PoD. Kickstarted.
  • Stretch goals:
    • [Deviant: The Renegades] Deviant Storyteller Screen
    • [Deviant: The Renegades] The Clades Companion: Chimerics, Coactives, Invasives, Mutants
    • [Deviant: The Renegades]Deviant Digital Wallpaper
    • [Deviant: The Renegades]Dearly Bleak Novella
    • [Deviant: The Renegades]The Devoted Companion

Dystopia Rising: Evolution

Path Of Beasts PDF Free Download

  • Stretch Goals:
    • [DRE] Fiction Anthology
  • Legendlore Rulebook: Onyx Path Publishing is pleased to announce a new fantasy roleplaying game based on the Legendlore series of critically-acclaimed comics from Caliber Comics. Four normal, modern-day teenagers are plunged into a world they thought only existed in novels and film. They are whisked away to a magical land where dragons roam the skies, orcs and hobgoblins terrorize weary travelers, dark magic consumes kingdoms, and where unicorns prance through the forest. It is a world where humans join other races such as elves, trolls, dwarves, changelings, and the dreaded creatures who steal the night. Now you can be transported to the world of Legendlore and become the legends others speak of around the fire! The Legendlore RPG will feature a character creation system based on who you are in the real world: use the knowledge you have here, and the powers you can discover there!
  • Stretch Goals:
    • [Legendlore] GM Reference Screen
    • [Legendlore] Legacies of Earth: Player’s Companion: Brought from Earth
    • [Legendlore] Digital Wallpaper

Pdf Download

  • Squeaks in the Deep: A dungeon delve, featuring mice and rats as playable characters
  • Stretch Goals: