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'Extreme wealth could buy a mansion in Millionaires' Row but not immunity from unsavory business dealings or shameful behavior. May Hanna gave her millionaire ex-husband's hired Pinkerton detectives the slip to sneak out of the country. To escape financial embarrassment, James Potter, the manager of a prominent Euclid Avenue apartment building, gave his family cough medicine laced with poison, killing his entire family including himself. Married to a Millionaires' Row doctor, the infamous con woman Cassie Chadwick posed as Andrew Carnegie's illegitimate daughter and forged a fake $5 million check. Author Alan Dutka delves into sixteen tales of anguish and deceit that offer a startling perspective on Cleveland's super-rich.'--Back cover.

I caught up with Mr. Burrows on Mott Street, just south of my mother’s flat, and proceeded to follow him through the most colorful circuit of sin Five Points had to offer. If slumming this was, it was of the bravest, most foolhardy sort. He visited every opium den, every gin joint, every dark nook and fetid cranny of Mulberry Bend. He called in at the mission and the Tombs prison. He lingered inside Wang’s General Store for at least half an hour. By the time he ascended the steps of the Sixth Avenue el, I felt as if I were through the looking glass, chasing the White Rabbit through a Wonderland that both was and wasn’t the familiar world of my childhood. Any moment now, surely, I would wake up in my little room in Mr. Wiltshire’s attic wondering what I’d eaten that hadn’t agreed with me.

I kept my back to Mr. Burrows on the train, glancing over my shoulder every now and then to keep track of him. I assumed we were both heading home after a long and fruitless day, so I was surprised when he got off at Twenty-Third Street, and, exhausted and confused, I very nearly let him go. But I’ve never been one to leave a thing unfinished, so I slipped off the train and followed.

I fought my way through the press of bodies on the platform, breaking through just in time to see Mr. Burrows racing up the steps of a magnificent limestone palace on the corner.

To the untrained eye, it looked like a fancy hotel, or maybe a bank. But one glance at the flag thrusting out from its sloping mansard roof and I knew better. I froze instantly, a prickle of dread running down my spine. I hadn’t seen that heraldry since my childhood, but I’d never forget it. You wouldn’t either, if the mere sight of it inspired your mother to spit and cross the street.

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The old Masonic Hall of New York City used to be just a few blocks from the flat where I grew up, but my mother never passed the place if she could avoid it, and when she couldn’t, she made such a great show of crossing herself with elaborate Catholic dread that passersby would stop to look. I never got the full story behind that; all I’d ever managed to find out was that something transpired in the fall of 1873 that put the Freemasons at odds with the neighborhood to such an extent that they were run out of Five Points. Which, considering what Five Pointers have put up with over the years, must have been quite something indeed. Whatever it was, the Masons were exiled to Twenty-Third Street, consoling themselves by building the grand palace in the shadow of which I now stood.

Through the front doors of which Mr. Burrows had just entered.

He didn’t linger. Barely ten minutes later he erupted through the doors, color high, the heels of his oxfords ringing against the stone. He very nearly caught me loitering by the steps; I dropped to the pavement, pretending to tie my laces.

“Burrows. Slow down, my dear fellow, you’re making a scene.”

I glanced up to see a middle-aged gentleman pursuing Mr. Burrows down the steps, hands raised in a mollifying gesture.

“A scene.” Mr. Burrows gave a hollow laugh. “I don’t think you quite understand the situation, Roberts.”

They paused not three feet from where I cowered in the lee of the steps, tying and retying my laces.

“We mustn’t indulge in speculation,” said the man called Roberts. “I’m sure he has everything well in hand.”

“And I’m sure he hasn’t. Thomas Wiltshire has never missed an engagement in his life, and now suddenly he misses two?”

My heart froze in my chest.

“What do you mean, two?”

“Good God, man, have you listened to a word I’ve said? He made an appointment with Wang for Sunday afternoon. He never arrived.”

The older man grunted skeptically. “And you trust Wang’s memory? He’s chased a few dragons in his day.”

“No one saw him, do you understand? Not at Wang’s or any other place. I’ve scoured the city, every supplier I could think of, every informant, anyone I’ve ever known him to work with. No one has seen him.”

“It’s a concern, I’ll grant you.”

“It’s a damned mess is what it is!”

“Well, naturally. Did you suppose it would be otherwise? We are talking about murder, after all.”

Murder On Millionaires' Row--a Mystery Pdf Free Download Free

There was a brief stretch of silence. I huddled by the stairs, the word murder ringing in my ears like a gunshot.

Roberts sighed. “Look, have you spoken to the police?”

“As much as I dared, for all the good it will do.”

Murder On Millionaires' Row--a Mystery Pdf free. download full

“You don’t think they’re up to the job?”

“Neither do you, or we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.”

“We’re doing everything we can, Burrows.”

“Which is what, exactly? Why do I get the feeling there’s more to this than you’re telling me?”

“I’m sure I don’t know. I’m as in the dark as you are.”

Murder On Millionaires' Row--a Mystery Pdf Free Download Movie

Murder on millionaires' row--a mystery pdf free download movie

Another pause. Then: “The situation is a good deal more complicated than we thought.”


Murder On Millionaires' Row--a Mystery Pdf Free Download -

“The last words Wiltshire spoke to me on Saturday,” Mr. Burrows said. “The situation is a good deal more complicated than we thought.”

“What does it mean?”

“The devil if I know. And now he’s gone. I tell you, Roberts, with God as my witness, if you’ve gotten him killed—”

“Come now, you’re the one who suggested the arrangement.”

“It appears that was my mistake,” Mr. Burrows said coldly, and he took the remaining steps two at a time.