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When we think about constructing a new house, probably one question will hit our minds that what would be the cost of construction.

This common question arises in our minds when we decide to build a new home.

To know the approximate cost of construction, we start searching for a source where we can calculate or get the cost of construction.

There are many reasons we would not know that the cost like,

  • I have enough fund for construction
  • Construction cost gives a prior idea to arrange the fund.
  • How many funds are lacking for construction
  • Should I have to take a loan for construction?

Sometimes, we want to know the construction cost for comparing the cost given by contractors, and it is the right way of thinking to compare costs.

Because of many contractors tell too so much high cost than the actual cost of construction.

But with proper knowledge about house construction cost and how it is calculated, we can avoid this kind of fraud.

So, I am going to help you and all who want to know what will be the approximate cost of construction of their house.

I am sharing some self-experience data and analysis so you can understand how the cost is calculated.

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How to Work House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet.

As you decide to build a new house search for contractors to get information about the construction rate in your area.

What Is Construction Rate?

It is the cost/money charged by a builder or contractor for 1 sq.ft. construction in your area.

Construction rate per sq. ft. are changed from location to location depends on the availability of local construction material.

For if you are constructing a house in an urban area where construction materials are easily available at a competitive rate, the rate of construction area lower.

On the other hand, if you are constructing any structure in a rural area where the availability of construction material is less, and there is a need for transportation, the rate of construction will go higher.

For example,

The average cost of construction is about 1000 to 1500 Rs. Per sq. ft.

Sometimes it splits into the following categories,

  • For Normal Quality Construction =1000 Rs./Sq. ft.
  • For Medium Quality Construction = 1200 Rs./Sq. ft.
  • For High Quality Construction = 1500 Rs./Sq. ft.

So, if you have 1000 sq.ft area and you want to construct a normal quality construction, the rate of construction per will be around 1200 Rs. per sq. ft.

Cost of construction = Area of plot x Construction rate per Sq. ft.

Cost of construction = 1000 x 1200 = 1,200,000 Rs. (including all labor and materials cost)

If Someone wants to know how this cost comes and asks about what is the cost of materials and labor, then we need to calculate material quantity separately.

I have made the House Construction Cost Calculator Excel sheet with separate quantity calculations.

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How to Use House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet:

1. Enter your only plot area like length and width in feet.

2. Tidal wave pdf free download torrent. Change Your Construction cost per sq ft rate in a given field.


3. After Click Button for Different Uses

Reset button work all Report clear

Construction Cost button work auto calculation in Building Construction coast

Materials Cost button work auto calculation in Building material cost

Print button workprint proper page setup

4. Press Construction Cost button auto. Add your local area material rate in the field to get accurate results. (if you don’t have kept it same still it give accurate result)

4. Check your construction cost of the house. There will 53.43 % Material cost, 36.57 % Labour cost, and 10 % contractor profit.

5. So, the Total Cost of Construction will Rs. 21.60 Lakhs.

6. Press Material Cost button auto. add calculate the material value as per below figure

8. So, the Total Cost of Construction Material Rs. 6.54 Lakhs in already adding Building Construction cost Rs. 21.60 Lakhs.

Free Download House Construction Cost Calculator Excel:

Free Download construction cost estimate template excel Click Here,

Supporting File for Click Here

If any error

House Of Many Ways Pdf Free Download Windows 7

How to Install Supporting File

Download Of Pdf Free

Step 1. Open Excel Sheet

Step 2. Press Button Alt + F11

Step 3. Press Mouse Right Click in Project ( House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet) Then Go > Import file > Select Supporting File then complete work

Video tutorial for better understanding:

Construction Cost for 1200 Sq Ft

House Download Free

The construction cost can be taken approximately as Rs 500 per sq. ft of plinth area of your home. Assuming that you are planning to buy a ground of land at Rs 6 lakhs and build a house of 1200 sq ft, the total cost of the building is about Rs 12 lakhs.

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House Of Many Ways Pdf Free Download Free

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