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1. A mythical monster traditionally represented as a gigantic reptile having a long tail, sharp claws, scaly skin, and often wings.
2. Any of various lizards, such as the Komodo dragon or the flying lizard.
b. Something very formidable or dangerous.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dracō, dracōn-, large serpent, from Greek drakōn; see derk- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈdræɡən) n
1. a mythical monster usually represented as breathing fire and having a scaly reptilian body, wings, claws, and a long tail
2. informal a fierce or intractable person, esp a woman
3. (Animals) any of various very large lizards, esp the Komodo dragon
4. (Plants) any of various North American aroid plants, esp the green dragon
5. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a manifestation of Satan or an attendant devil
6. (Sailing) a yacht of the International Dragon Class, 8.88m long (29.2 feet), used in racing
7. (Recreational Drugs) chase the dragon slang to smoke opium or heroin

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[C13: from Old French, from Latin dracō, from Greek drakōn; related to drakos eye]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014


(ˈdræg ən)
1. a mythical monster generally represented as a huge winged reptile with a crested head, often spouting fire.
3. a very strict, protective woman.
5. a short musket of the 16th and 17th centuries.
7. (cap.) the constellation Draco.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Old French < Latin dracōn-, s. of dracō < Greek drákōn kind of serpent]
Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.
Noun1.dragon - a creature of Teutonic mythology; usually represented as breathing fire and having a reptilian body and sometimes wings
mythical creature, mythical monster - a monster renowned in folklore and myth
wivern, wyvern - a fire-breathing dragon used in medieval heraldry; had the head of a dragon and the tail of a snake and a body with wings and two legs
2.dragon - a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman
disagreeable woman, unpleasant woman - a woman who is an unpleasant person
3.Dragon - a faint constellation twisting around the north celestial pole and lying between Ursa Major and Cepheus
4.dragon - any of several small tropical Asian lizards capable of gliding by spreading winglike membranes on each side of the body
flying dragon, flying lizard
agamid, agamid lizard - a lizard of the family Agamidae
genus Draco, Draco - a reptile genus known as flying dragons or flying lizards
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2. (= woman) → brujaf
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005
Collins English/French Electronic Resource. © HarperCollins Publishers 2005


Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007
Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995


(ˈdrӕgən) noun
a mythical beast, a usually large, winged, fire-breathing reptile. St George and the dragon. draak تِنّين дракон dragão drak der Drache dragon δράκοςdragón lohe(madu) اژدها lohikäärme dragon דְרָקוֹן एक मिथकीय पशु, आग उगलने वाला परदार सांप zmaj sárkány naga dreki dragone, drago slibinas pūķis naga draakdrakesmok ښامار dragão balaur дракон drak zmaj zmaj drake มังกร ejderha дракон ایک فرضی روایتی اژدہے نما بلا con rồng

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تَنِّيـن drak drageDracheδράκοςdragón lohikäärmedragon zmajdragodraakdragesmokdragãoдракон drake มังกรejderha con rồng
Multilingual Translator © HarperCollins Publishers 2009

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Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes Books

An engrossing read. A mentally retarded man's medically induced genius and it's it's spiraling story.
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Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes Books Reviews

This a book which I read as a child and opened my eyes to different viewpoints on life. It was good enough that I had to buy it as an adult to read to my wife. The story is straightforward and easy to comprehend at any level. Don't think that makes it boring though; the character development is really the driving force behind the plot.
I have never loved a character more than I loved Charly Gordon. Within pages, I was attached to his character and rooted for him until the very end, even as the conclusion became obvious and unavoidable. Warning probably will unexpectedly make you cry (or at least make you incredibly sad several times) so plan out a good (private) time to read it. This is a book that will really impact the way you treat others and will probably change a lot of the things you say/do. It gives a little bit of relief to those trying to find a way to be happy in a judgemental world and is incredibly beautiful.
This story (short and long forms) won a Hugo and a Nebula award about 50 years ago. I read it as a child, never forgot it, and on reread the story still resonates. The book is written in simple sentences suitable to both children and adults.
A retarded man is given an operation to increase his intelligence. Algernon, a mouse, is given the same operation.

Dragon City

What makes the tale particularly poignant is the quotation at the beginning in which it is noted that one can be blinded either by going from darkness to light or from light to darkness--and others should not laugh at the traveller regardless of direction.
On one level the tale is simple. On another, it addresses emotional v intellectual growth, the complexity of families, the issue of how those who appear different are treated, and the question of what is ultimately important.
This is a classic, 'must read' book for everyone.
One caveat is that it should not be enjoyed as an audio book alone, because much of the protagonist's development is given by the spelling and phrasing of his journal entries. Audio book plus print (as I read it this time) is wonderful.
A wonderful book that everyone should know
This is probably the most difficult review I've written. Its hard to know what to say. If I'd read more reviews I might not have read this, but it endes up being one of the only books I've ever read in one sitting.. And like the greatest books.. One I'll never forget.
As someone who's struggled with mental illness, confusing limitations, and my place in the world, as well as someone who later got me/cfs and lost even more independence, I relate so much to this book.. Even though the main character is developmentally disabled, there's so much insight in this book.
I'll tell you, the end will seem sad at first, but has with it its own wisdom and inspiration. Reminding us like all things in this world, bittersweet is still sweet.
I hate sad endings to an extreme, but i don't regret reading this book.

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Ironically, in Charlie's lostness, he found the wisdom he searched for all along & the journey is well worth the read!Dragon' s breath pdf free download windows 10
I read Flowers for Algernon last week for Banned Books week. I had heard about it over the years, but I was never required to read it. Since I read very little science fiction, I never thought I’d enjoy reading it. Enjoyment isn’t exactly what I got from this book–enlightenment might be more appropriate.
In case you don’t know what the book is about, here is a brief synopsis. Charlie was a mentally challenged young man who wanted nothing more than to be smarter than he was. He volunteered for an experimental surgery that was supposed to increase his intelligence. The surgery had previously only been done on mice, and Algernon the mouse was the result of an earlier operation. When Charlie saw how Algernon navigated a maze with ease, he was convinced that the operation would be successful.
Charlie’s surgery was also a success, but his ever increasing intelligence caused difficulties in his relationships. His “friends” at work found out very quickly that he was no longer a target for their teasing, to which he had always been oblivious. They were so uncomfortable that they complained to the owner of the bakery he had been working at for years. He was let go.
He tried having relationships with women, but his emotional intelligence had not progressed on the scale of his intellect. The teacher who had taught him for years ultimately ended their budding relationship, because he was so far ahead of her intellectually, she could no longer keep up.
He reached a point at which he understood that his improvement was only temporary. He watched Algernon regress until all his progress was gone. Then Charlie himself began that backward slide.

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I was heartbroken to see his realization that the people he thought were his “friends” were being cruel to him all along. Increased awareness and understanding brought him nothing but pain. I was almost thankful at the end when he reached a point of being somewhat stable, even though he may not have been even as intelligent as he was when he started.

Dragon' S Breath Pdf Free Download Windows 10

I asked myself if he would have truly consented to the surgery if he had known what would happen to him afterwards. Did he actually have capacity to consent?
I don’t know if I was supposed to wish that increasing intelligence was a possibility for people with mental challenges, but I finished the book with a feeling of discomfort that his life was seen on the same level as that of a mouse in the eyes of the people performing the experiment.
It was ultimately a book that raised a lot of questions in my head and heart. There aren’t many answers to be found–just more questions.
I was recommended this book by my mother who read it as a child. Even though I knew how it would end the book filled me with hope on every new page, until it didn't. I caught myself hoping that my mother hadn't remembered the ending correctly, and everything would be fine. Flowers for Algernon tackles many complex issues from the mistreatment and misunderstanding of the mentally handicapped, the burden of knowledge that every person with common sense thinks they experience but doesn't truly understand, to the meaning of existence and the human condition. You don't read Flowers for Algernon to feel happy at the end. You read it to cry, take a shuddering breath, and then step out into the sunshine with a greater appreciation for life and the struggles of your fellow human beings.
An engrossing read. A mentally retarded man's medically induced genius and it's it's spiraling story.