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AuthorDown: Scott Kelby
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 013293227X
Size: 27.83 MBDown and dirty pdf free download 64 bit
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Down & Dirty Tricks is packed cover to cover with step-by-step tutorials on the coolest Photoshop 6.0 effects. The book is not another rehash of masking, pixels, and file formats or resolution--it's nothing but the cool stuff that will make your client's (or boss's) jaw drop. Plus, it's an awesome Photoshop tips book too! That's because next to every tutorial, on every single page, there's a sidebar with a timesaving Photoshop 6.0 tip, trick, shortcut, or real-world technique to save you time, money, and make you more efficient. Written in plain English, you can jump in anywhere; simply open the book to the effect you want to create and follow along. It's that easy (and that much fun!). Among many other tricks, the reader will learn: Amazing chrome and metallic effects How to create those dazzling high-tech Web interfaces Cool 3D effects using Photoshop's own filters Shadow techniques that the pros really use Instant texture and background effects The most requested advertising effects

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