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This book is suitable for contracts managers, commercial managers, project managers, quantity surveyors, engineers and architects. A practical, step-by-step guide on how to prepare and respond to construction claims.

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Author: Andy Hewitt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Dark Alpha' S Claim Pdf Free Download Free

Dark alpha wolf wallpaperClaimA practical, step-by-step guide for contracts managers, commercial managers, project managers, quantity surveyors, engineers and architects on the preparation of and responses to construction claims. Everyone involved in the preparation or review of construction claims should have this book to hand. The book examines the different types of claim common to construction contracts and presents a step-by-step guide to demonstrate the process of building up the submission of a claim and covers: Various types of claim. How the claim may be split into sections dealing with the details of the contract, the cause, the effect, entitlement and quantum. What this section is attempting to demonstrate or achieve and why. What should be included within the section and why. Worked examples of typical claims and responses with sample wording.

Nightwolf The Dark Alpha

α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone
IUPAC name
Other names
alpha-MSH, α-melanocortin, α-melanotropin, α-intermedin; Ac-Ser-Tyr-Ser-Met-Glu-His-Phe-Arg-Trp-Gly-Lys-Pro-Val-NH2
  • 581-05-5
  • 17289286
CompTox Dashboard(EPA)
  • InChI=1S/C77H109N21O19S/c1-42(2)64(65(79)106)97-75(116)61-20-13-30-98(61)76(117)54(18-10-11-28-78)88-62(103)38-85-66(107)57(34-46-36-84-50-17-9-8-16-49(46)50)94-67(108)51(19-12-29-83-77(80)81)89-70(111)55(32-44-14-6-5-7-15-44)92-72(113)58(35-47-37-82-41-86-47)95-68(109)52(25-26-63(104)105)90-69(110)53(27-31-118-4)91-74(115)60(40-100)96-71(112)56(33-45-21-23-48(102)24-22-45)93-73(114)59(39-99)87-43(3)101/h5-9,14-17,21-24,36-37,41-42,51-61,64,84,99-100,102H,10-13,18-20,25-35,38-40,78H2,1-4H3,(H2,79,106)(H,82,86)(H,85,107)(H,87,101)(H,88,103)(H,89,111)(H,90,110)(H,91,115)(H,92,113)(H,93,114)(H,94,108)(H,95,109)(H,96,112)(H,97,116)(H,104,105)(H4,80,81,83)
  • InChI=1/C77H109N21O19S/c1-42(2)64(65(79)106)97-75(116)61-20-13-30-98(61)76(117)54(18-10-11-28-78)88-62(103)38-85-66(107)57(34-46-36-84-50-17-9-8-16-49(46)50)94-67(108)51(19-12-29-83-77(80)81)89-70(111)55(32-44-14-6-5-7-15-44)92-72(113)58(35-47-37-82-41-86-47)95-68(109)52(25-26-63(104)105)90-69(110)53(27-31-118-4)91-74(115)60(40-100)96-71(112)56(33-45-21-23-48(102)24-22-45)93-73(114)59(39-99)87-43(3)101/h5-9,14-17,21-24,36-37,41-42,51-61,64,84,99-100,102H,10-13,18-20,25-35,38-40,78H2,1-4H3,(H2,79,106)(H,82,86)(H,85,107)(H,87,101)(H,88,103)(H,89,111)(H,90,110)(H,91,115)(H,92,113)(H,93,114)(H,94,108)(H,95,109)(H,96,112)(H,97,116)(H,104,105)(H4,80,81,83)
Molar mass1664.884 g/mol
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) is an endogenouspeptide hormone and neuropeptide of the melanocortin family, with a tridecapeptidestructure and the amino acid sequence Ac-Ser-Tyr-Ser-Met-Glu-His-Phe-Arg-Trp-Gly-Lys-Pro-Val-NH2. It is the most important of the melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSHs) (also known as melanotropins) in stimulating melanogenesis, a process that in mammals (including humans) is responsible for pigmentation primarily of the hair and skin. It also plays a role in feeding behavior, energy homeostasis, sexual activity, and protection against ischemia and reperfusion injury.[1]

α-MSH is a non-selectivefull agonist of the melanocortin receptorsMC1 (Ki = 0.230 nM), MC3 (Ki = 31.5 nM), MC4 (Ki = 900 nM), and MC5 (Ki = 7160 nM), but not MC2 (which is exclusive for adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)).[2] Activation of the MC1 receptor is responsible for its effect on pigmentation, whereas its regulation of appetite, metabolism, and sexual behavior is mediated through both the MC3 and MC4 receptors.

It is generated as a proteolyiccleavage product from ACTH (1-13), which is in turn a cleavage product of proopiomelanocortin (POMC).

A few syntheticanalogues of α-MSH have been investigated as medicinaldrugs due to their photoprotective effects against ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. They include afamelanotide (melanotan) and melanotan II, the former of which being in phase-IIIclinical trials in the United States. Bremelanotide, another analogue of α-MSH, is currently under development not as a photoprotective agent, but instead for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. All of these drugs have significantly greater potencies than α-MSH, along with improved pharmacokinetics and distinctive selectivity profiles.

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