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FreeGenre: ActionBrawler
Rating: ESRB: T

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OverviewFrom the creators of Tomb Raider comes a new action game where one ninja must battle a legion of goblins, trolls, and evil spirits in order to kill a maniacal warlord.
Ukkoshuuli says:

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness begins when a warlord sacrifices his soul to devil and summons a legion of demons from hell to conquer the world. The demons must be stopped and who else would do it but a ninja? Ninja is an action game where the player has to jump, punch and kick his way through hordes of traps and demonic enemies. Ninja can also throw daggers, bombs and summon a bolt of lightning to electrocute his enemies. There is an infinite supply of daggers but the usage of bombs and lightning bolts is limited. Ninja can pick up weapons such as swords during levels and there is also a block move.
The game was made in 1998 before the Dual Shock controller was introduced so the control scheme reflects that and Ninja cannot move seamlessly into every direction. There is a fair amount of tricky jumping in the game and this can produce some problems but otherwise the controls work well. The levels in 'Ninja' are linear and filled with various enemies from humans to demons. I suppose the graphics were pretty good in 1998. Ninja is a difficult game where one mistake can spell doom. In this sense it resembles old school games such as the original Ninja Gaiden. 'Ninja' is a good retro choice for anyone willing to put himself through a serious challenge
The controls can be a pain while jumping and facing the right enemy is not always the easiest thing to do but other than that there are no serious problems with the game. I personally like it quite a bit and it has more fun factor than it probably should have all things considered. I recommend people who like a Ninja theme and a real challenge to try it out.

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Download Ninja - Shadow of Darkness [NTSC-U] (489M)


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Conquer The Darkness Pdf Free Download Pc

Conquer the darkness pdf free download pdf

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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness
Developer(s)Core Design
Publisher(s)Eidos Interactive
Producer(s)Troy Horton
Designer(s)Joby Wood
Brian Tomczyk
Programmer(s)Martin Jensen
Derek Leigh-Gilchrist
Dan Scott
Composer(s)Martin Iveson
Genre(s)Action, beat 'em up

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness is an actionbeat 'em upvideo game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive for the PlayStation.


The player character can combat enemies with hand-to-hand moves, magic spells, or weapons such as swords and throwing star that appear as item pick-ups.[1] There are also pick-ups used to recover health.[1]


Conquer The Darkness PDF Free Download

Though Ninja was developed immediately following the popular Tomb Raider, Core Design did not want to be restricted to the Tomb Raider engine's interiors-only nature, and instead built the game engine for Ninja: Shadow of Darkness from scratch.[2]

The game was announced for release in August 1997 on Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC, and a near-complete beta of the Saturn version was unveiled at this time.[1] The PlayStation version was a port of the Saturn version. Mid-development, programmer Derek Leigh-Gilchrist commented that the port 'has involved taking a lot of C code across from Saturn and modifying the 3D-specific bits to use the GTE [Geometry Transfer Engine]. This all worked fine, but it still wasn't fast enough to run the game at 30 frames per second, so I then converted the C code into optimized R3000 assembler with inline GTE code, which halved the processing time. Ninja now easily runs in 30 fps and has enabled us to start adding more detail to the game environment.'[3]

The Saturn version created floor surfaces with the Saturn's Mode 7-style scaling,[2] a feature unique to the console which allows it to perform scaling effects without burdening the CPU with geometry calculations, whereas the PlayStation must construct floors out of polygons, a task which lowers the frame rate.[4] Using the resulting performance benefit, the team tagged objects in the Saturn version with depth-cues, allowing them to create transparency effects in the game's water bodies.[2]

The PlayStation version was delayed for over a year, and the Saturn and PC versions were cancelled entirely.


The game received an average score of 66.00% at GameRankings, based on an aggregate of 8 reviews.[5]


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